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This is the delightful tale of a brave girl named Ella who puts aside her fear of the dark to help her best friend Ollie.


  • Picture storybook with beautiful illustrations on every page.

  • Great for young readers and as a bedtime story for younger children.

  • Teaches children they shouldn’t fear the dark and how to manage change.

A bright sunny day turns dark, windy and rainy! Ella and her little dog Ollie, who were playing in the woods become disoriented and lost. What’s worse, they also become separated! Ella is afraid of the dark and wants to go home to the safety of their little blue house but first she must find her best friend Ollie! So, she bravely makes her way through the woods and finds him. Once they are reunited, together they hatch their plan to find their way home. Their adventure teaches Ella and Ollie that they can smile and not be afraid of the dark!

What readers are saying ...

             Reader’s Favorite  

                    Ella Says – I’m Not Afraid of the Dark! by Anu D. Misa is a wonderful children’s story. It’s a short story

               accompanied by some amazing illustrations, bright and colorful, telling the story along with the words. The story is written in nice simple language and is very easy to follow along with. As well as being a story, it also teaches children that they shouldn’t be afraid, especially not of the dark, that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and that having the right friends with you makes all the difference. Picture books are not the easiest to write but this one strikes the perfect balance between narrative and pictures. It is perfectly aimed at its target audience of 6 to 9-year-olds and will delight kids everywhere as it moves seamlessly through the story.

Captivating Story and Illustrations! – Toni from Toronto

The storyline is educational and fun to read. The illustrations ‘really pop off the page’. My daughter loved the characters as did I. Easy to understand. We are looking forward to reading it again! Thanks. 


Delightful – Anna C

This was so much fun to read and the illustrations were wonderful. I'm always looking for books for my great nieces and nephews...sure to be a hit if they like it half as much as I did. 


Lovely and educational! – Amazon customer

My six-year-old son loves this book. I enjoyed reading it, too (kindness was a theme). Full of beautiful illustrations, and Ollie the dog is very cute. We can’t wait for the next book in the series to be published!


Great captivating read! – Ann

I gave this book to my 9 year old niece and she absolutely loved it! Even though she was very tired at the time I gave it to her she started reading it immediately and did not put it down until she finished it :) The illustrations are really fun and it's a great story line! Would highly recommend this book!!


Fabulous – Clara

This kind and playful book helped my son to understand and overcome his fear of darkness, and to appreciate the importance of friendship and kindness. Ella and Ollie, the main characters are so authentic and lovable. I enjoyed reading this picture-book aloud to my kid over and over again.


A great read with my 5 year old daughter – D

This book has super cute illustrations, carries a lot of positive messages and is educational all at the same time. My daughter loves when I read it to her at bedtime!


Daughter loves it! – Andrew C.

This is a whimsical story of a little girl who overcomes her fear to find a magical adventure. It was a delightful read with my daughter who was so drawn to the beautiful pictures and story. We’ve read it over and over again. What a special book!


Beautiful children’s book – Edward Grauer

This book is beautifully illustrated and creatively written. My autistic son was able to be drawn in easily. It’s so great!




This is the second book in the Ella Says series: telling a dreamy story about opportunities and an inquisitive girl named Ella who wants to travel through space one day. 


  • A picture storybook with stunning illustrations on every page.

  • Great for young readers and as a bedtime story for younger children.

  • Teaches children about being passionate about the world around them, setting goals, and helping others.


Ella gazes up at the sky, thinking space is such an immense and undiscovered place, bursting with stars, planets, galaxies and possibilities! As she looks, the most amazing thing happens, and it leads to a space adventure through our solar system. Ella, her brother Parker, and her best friend Ollie, the Westie Terrier, come to the aid of Leelo, the space alien who is lost and whose spaceship has run out of power. Together, they go in search of Leelo’s home, and in doing so, they visit all the planets in our solar system. Their adventure has some twists and turns along the way, but in the end, Leelo makes it home, and Ella makes a very important decision—she is going to be an astronaut!


Edited by Anna Patricia Cairns, Sunlight Publishers

Meet some of the characters ...

What readers are saying ...

An absolute must read! – Toni 

The cover of this book drew me right in – who could resist Ella and her dog Ollie in astronaut suits! The illustrations are colourful, playful and very captivating; they take the story and bring it to life. This is a great book that is educational and fun at the same time. It teaches children a beautiful lesson – that they can be anything they dream of being! The book is sure to inspire little ones to be inquisitive about science and our universe. I would highly recommend this for all our small explorers. This is an excellent follow up to the first Ella Says book. I can’t wait to see where Ella’s adventures take her next.


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