A sweet west highland terrier we named Hamish, rescued my husband Brian and me. A wonderful organization called Westies in Need, which operates out of the Greater Toronto Area, helped rescue him from a puppy mill. Hamish arrived, from Ohio, in Brian’s hometown of Hamilton on Brian’s birthday … it was meant to be!

The first image is Hamish’s photo from the Westies in Need posting when he was rescued. Needless to say, we fell in love! The other two images are from our visit with Hamish at his foster mom’s home before we got the green light to take him home.

Hamish’s trip to his forever home – he was very chill about the whole ride. When he got home the perimeter walk lasted a very, very long time.

Hamish has a very adorable look when he sleeps … 

Ah, yes. This is Hamish watching other animals on T.V.  He doesn’t quite know what to make of things.  Hamish also watches soccer games with his dad … he clambers up onto the sofa taking his spot right next to him!

Hamish the westie watching TV the dog that inspired Ollie in the Ella Says childrens story book series by Any Misa

Hamish never sleeps tummy-side up … well maybe not quite never … we caught him doing it once in the many years we have been together.


Mr. Mellow … after falling off the sofa … What, not me! I didn’t fall; I intended to lie down on this pouf!

Hamish the westie waking up the dog that inspired Ollie in the Ella Says childrens story book series by Any Misa

Hamish in winter – he does not like to get up in the morning. This is very different from Hamish in spring and summer who gets up when the birds start chirping, which I would like to remind you is before the sun comes up!

Hamish loves to walk … he is a slow and steady kind of guy! We call it walking at Hamish-pace. Let’s just say, he definitely stops to smell the roses … he often zigs and zags right in front of us so he can smell the roses. Ok, we all know we aren’t really talking about roses here, right?


Hamish loves to eat. When he first came home to us we fed him all sorts of good food but he was very, very sick and we couldn’t understand why. It turned out that he has some severe food allergies. So, now we know what he can and can’t eat and we all stick to the plan!


Either Hamish is very smart and enjoys the treat puzzle challenge, or, he loves food that much and will do anything to get to it. Either way, he deals with the puzzle like a champ!

Hamish the westie playing with treat puzzle the dog that inspired Ollie in the Ella Says childrens story book series by Any Misa

Hamish gets to spend time with his little cousin Buddy Love every week! Sometimes, he even gets to have a sleepover with him ☺

Just because he’s that cute and he inspired the Ollie character in the Ella Says series!


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