Helping children get the most from reading the books in the Ella Says series!

I have developed great teaching tool kits to support the books in the Ella Says series! They can be used to create enriched learning opportunities for children and include lots of goodies …


  • Discussion questions to help further children’s comprehension and retention of the stories they have read.

  • Discussion questions to allow children to delve deeper into some of the messaging that the Ella Says stories communicate, including overcoming fear, being kind, working together, managing change, dreaming big, perseverance, being different.

  • Vocabulary exercises to help children grasp some of the more complicated words being introduced in the stories.

  • Story writing activities allowing children to use the knowledge they have gained from the Ella Says stories in conjunction with their own imagination.

  • Lots of other activity pages including, colouring, finding the hidden word, completing logic patterns, and picture-word matching.

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